Saturday, November 20, 2010


As weekend jobs go, that of movie theater cleanup - especially on a Saturday night - surely must rate among the best of the worst! Each and every one of them, with their broom, dust pan and garbage bags in hand, deserves double what they are making, and tips to boot for having to clean up after the hordes of sloppy and inconsiderate movie-goers. If only Harry Potter's magic wand could make the mess the visitors leave behind disappear. Hello, Hermione - help here?
Unfortunately, today's conventional thought is, "Well, they will clean it up." Yes, THEY will. But how wrong is it of the collective US to leave the trash behind to be cleaned up in the first place?
Our own children grumble, but we insist that we all pick up our trash and carry it out to deposit in one of the MANY trash recepticles available, from the theater to the exit. But in doing so, we pass tubs of strewn popcorn, hot dog wrappers, and empty drink cups that are littering the aisles. Funny, there aren't any strollers, purses or jackets left behind, just the garbage left for SOMEONE else to pick up and dispose of.
Every moment of every day offers parents an opportunity to teach by example. When you are out in public, teach your children by example, especially at a venue like the movie theater. Even though there are people paid to come in and clean up after everyone, the civil and polite thing to do is to DISPOSE of your own trash!
This thread could take on a life of its own, from diapers and parks to parking lots and coffee cups, but no matter the locale, doing the right thing, doing right by the environment and behaving in a respectful manner does 'manners' a lot!


  1. It's ALL about respect, for self and others.........common or sadly not, decency...

  2. Right on Lisa. I cannot understand why people who otherwise would not think of littering will stash messy, gross food trash under stadium and theater seats. Disgusting. There are always trash cans not that far away. I haven't been to a Blaze game in a while, but they had Mr. Trash come around in a cape with a trash bag, and people passed there's over. Much more civil.