Monday, March 11, 2013


          The dictionary defines the adjective REVERENCE as deeply respectful.  Where it went is anyone's guess!  My time today at noon mass was chalked full of reminders of how even the slightest acts of disrespect stick out like sore thumbs.
     When entering a temple or place of worship, EVERYTHING else should  be checked at the doors. Everything!
     Including idle chit-chat while you are awaiting the commencement of the worship service. Others around you may be trying to pray or meditate quietly.
    Including gum-chewing. Really? In some places of worship, you are going to chomp on your gum until Communion, and then, what?  Disrespectful, and equally distracting as the nervous chatterboxes.
   Including answering your cell phone. I leave mine in the car. Unless you are a physician on call, all mobile devices should be silenced.  
   Including boisterous conversation outside between parishioners who attended the previous service, but still very audible inside. 
   Including arriving noticeably late. Like, the service is half-way over late.  Disrespectful and a major distraction. The reverence that is called for in a place of worship means showing respect and honoring one another's intimate time between them and their maker.
    Most denominations don't require members to worship but once a week.  Heaven help us if we can't manage to silence our mobile devices, our mouths, or reign in our actions during that short time. Afterall, ItMannersAlot!


  1. I'm guessing everyone else would appreciate it if you could post this somewhere at church. Others endure it but only the courageous few speak up.