Friday, November 4, 2011


For Kim Kardashian, surely the end of this week couldn't come fast enough. Seems she is so 'distraught' over the attention she has received after filing for divorce from her husband of one trimester, Kris Humphreys, that she 'can't function'. I say, wipe those tears - all 72 of them, and make a date with the mailman to return all the pricey wedding gifts. Her decision to donate the value of the presents to charity is certainly a generous one, of which she will also reap tax deduction benefits. But the right thing to do is return to sender. Social graces have eroded over time, and this week even the house of Post (Emily's) has been divided on the subject of returning wedding gifts, but it has always been customary to give back any unused wedding present if the union dissolves under one year. Ten weeks shouldn't even be up for debate. Give the unused gifts back - all of them, including the $1695 perfume bottle and the $7,850 vase. Besides, why would anyone want to be surrounded by material reminders of a bad decision? No explanation is necessary. In this case, the gift givers have already read about it in the paper. Kim Kardashian has built an empire of fame and fortune on being a 'good' example and role model for young women. Here's hoping she does the right thing and gives back everything from the the fondue set to the frying pans before the ink is dry on her next endorsement deal. Afterall, it really DOES 'Manner A lot'!

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