Thursday, November 24, 2011


If you aren't knee-deep in potato skins, plates and pie tins right now, then you will be a welcomed guest in a few hours at the holiday table of family or friends. On behalf of the legions of hostesses the world over, I'm carving up some important reminders EVERY dinner guest SHOULD keep in mind today when saddling up to the Thanksgiving table. Afterall, it really DOES 'Manner A lot':

* Greet one another with warmth and sincerity, and count your blessings - many today will be out in the cold or at home alone.

* Leave ALL gadgets at home or in the car. Ipods and cellphones aren't utensils and will not get the turkey and gravy from the platter to your plate with ease.

*Say grace - no matter your beliefs, and count your blessing that you live in a country where freedom of speech and expression is a right.

*Engage in conversation with each other - you may not have seen each other for a long time, and may never see them again.

*Don't play with your food - count your blessings again, as many today will go hungry.

*Thank your hostess for the blessing of good food, companionship and good times.

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