Wednesday, February 16, 2011


The Thank You note is the simplest of courtesies and yet the most overlooked, it seems nowadays. We have become a society in such a hurry to get through our to-do lists that so many consider the written expression of appreciation too time-consuming and archaic. But when it comes to the thank-you note, thankfully, times HAVE NOT changed as much as we think they may have.
It still takes less than five minutes to put pen to paper, address and stamp the envelope and walk it to the mailbox, same as it did 30 years ago. Okay, maybe ten minutes more if you're still using an ink quill. But that is still but a fraction of the time the gift-giver no doubt spent selecting and purchasing your present.
If you don't have informal stationary on hand, a simple card purchased at the drug store will suffice. It isn't necessary to send a note after a dinner party, but it will certainly be received as a lovely touch if you do.
E-mail thank-yous are arm-wrestling the traditional notes for social acceptance these days, especially in the techno-mindset of the business world. But unless you are expressing thanks to a prospective employer for the opportunity to interview for a job, don't express your appreciation electronically either by e-mail or text message.
Over the years, we've been the recipients of a number of the fill-in-the-blank notes following children's birthday parties. Why bother, really. There isn't a hint of personalized expression in a fill-in-the-blank form letter, even if it has cute clowns and balloons on it!
Make sure your grown son or daughter sends a hand-written note of thanks to those who wrote college application recommendations on their behalf, and to especially to those schools who gave them an interview or personalized tour.
And most importantly, write and send the note as quickly as possible, because the timely gesture of a handwritten expression of gratitude really DOES 'Manner' A lot!

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  1. I wrestle with this all the time. I know it matters and yet somehow time slips away before they get finished. They either sit waiting to be filled out or waiting for a stamp or waiting to go into the box. Thanks for the thoughts.