Sunday, February 27, 2011


It will be all things Oscar from now through tomorrow as the film industry honors its own before a global television audience, not to mention those in attendance at the Kodak Theater. I came across this piece which first appeared a few days ago in the Los Angeles Times, and can be found in today's Bakersfield Californian and online at http:/,0,1712933.story.
The article by the Times' Rebecca Keegan is a nice reminder of the importance of a stars' polished behavior on the biggest night of their lives. From Sacheen Littlefeather's Oscar refusal on Marlon Brando's behalf at the 1973 ceremony to the infamous streaker the following year, the mother of all awards shows may be hard to predict where the winners are concerned, but you can bank on at least one presenter or winner behaving badly. And that's what viewers SEE at home!
Covering the Academy Awards and its red carpet action as I did four times for 23News was always my favorite assignment. But it wasn't just the occasional bejeweled star behaving badly. Some sandwiched in like a sardine in the press corps deserved their own golden statues for incivility too. It was a sequined and black-tie shark tank. But it was always great fun, and tonight I will watch with fond memories of Oscar's golden night, and hopeful that those in the spotlight whom we admire on screen and follow off screen are on their best behavior. Because it DOES 'Manner' A lot! Enjoy this article and tonight's show.

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  1. I will be taking my gracious good manners with me tonight and thinking of you. Beautiful reminder that we should all be an example of civility.