Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Someone asked me recently about how I came to create this blog. I had to think for a minute. It wasn't just the frustration of daily dealings with so many ill-mannered people. It went deeper and further than that, 3,000 miles away in fact. Several years ago our family invested in real estate, and in turn, a lifestyle, in the South. In doing so, I came to realize the stark contrasts between the cradle of civility - the South, and the have-nots - the West Coast. Every visit further underscores the great divide of social graces.
So today I read with great interest the latest poll on America's Rudest Cities. I was not surprised. I could be blindfolded mid-flight and know the minute we've crossed over into California airspace. The golden state isn't alone. New York and Philadelphia deserve top 'worst' status as well.
Note that there are no Southern cities on the list, if you don't count Orlando, Miami and Dallas. Herewith is the link to the list at I look forward to hearing from you.

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