Tuesday, June 5, 2012


     Today many people are heading to the polls to cast their vote for candidates and measures.  Tempted as we all are to weigh in on social media sites about our like or dislike for a cause or candidate, let us all keep it civil out there.  Friend Judi McCarthy, whom I admire greatly, summed it up best this morning on Facebook:  "Election Day. So here's the thing: we all have preferred candidates, but need we descend into vitriol and malice toward the "opposition?" Can't we shift perspectives a bit to be GRATEFUL that some citizens are willing to serve, unlike many of their critics and in spite of the beating they'll take in the press, their social circles, and even social media? FB friends that are also political firebrands, please remain dignified."
       I couldn't have said it any better.  Thank you Judi for the reminder that today, as always, there is no grace in being an ugly competitor, pompous winner or sore loser.  Let's cast a vote today for civility as well.  Remember, it 'manners' a lot!

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