Wednesday, May 16, 2012


    Tomorrow, the eyes of the cycling world will be squarely focused on Bakersfield when the AMGEN Cycling Tour returns to town.  It's first visit two years ago was a rousing success, and no doubt the good first impression our fair city made on organizers is a big reason why they are cycling back to town.  Water will be flowing through the mighty Kern River, the bluffs and Panorama Park will be well-manicured, and here's hoping we outdo ourselves in the second-impression department this week.    
  Bakersfield routinely and unfairly gets beaten up and bruised a lot by outsiders who still think we live on flatbed trucks of hay.  But those of us who have moved here recently, or whose roots run deep, know different.  Our community is extraordinary on many levels. 
   Let us smash the stereotypes and lay our hometown feel on as thick as pickled tongue with visitors this week.  Meet and greet with a friendly smile.  Be gracious to someone asking for directions.  And let's pedal our trademark kindness and courtesy forward.  This type of global exposure doesn't roll around every day. Besides, It 'Manners' A lot! 

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