Thursday, February 2, 2012


Finally, another Super Bowl weekend is here! Unless you've been placed in quarantine or are already in Indianapolis, you'll be watching the game on television surrounded by family and friends like the rest of the football-loving world. And just in time, some super-sized tips for scoring big Sunday as a guest or host: Don't arrive empty handed! Thankfully mini-marts are there when kitchen-challenged guests need them. If a quadruple layer of bean dip or pigs in a blanket are too complicated for your culinary skills, grab some bags of chips and ice at the corner market. The person throwing the party will appreciate the gesture.
I often blog about a hostess gift. Super Bowl gatherings get a pass. Just bring food, your food, the supermarket's food, food. Period. And beverages. Always, always appreciated.
Remember, it is JUST a game! If, God willing, the Giants beat the Patriots, and Tom Brady is your idol, don't take it personally. Don't sulk, use profanities or throw things. Unless you want to be thrown out. If people in neighboring states can hear you curse, tone it down, and cut yourself off!
If the gathering is on your home turf, above all else, make everyone feel welcome. On the patio, in the den, kitchen and anywhere else people will gather to view the game. Relax and have fun with your guests. Be discreet about picking up used cups and plates.
Enjoy yourself and the company of friends, moderate (these are four very long quarters including the commercials) and don't forget to thank the person who invited you....or the guest who accepted the invitation.
This is a winning gameplan for a super Sunday of Super Bowl fun.
Afterall, it really DOES 'Manner A lot'.

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