Sunday, May 8, 2011


The dictionary defines the word 'Mother' as a female parent, a mother-in-law, stepmother, or adoptive mother - a noun; or being a mother, like a mother bird - an adjective; acting maternally, as in a verb. No matter how you define the word, whether the mother in your life is young or old, has brown hair or silver, is here or deceased, all the 'mothers' in our life deserve every bouquet of love and warm wishes today and everyday. This blog would be remiss in not penning a love letter of thanks to mothers everywhere. The women who brought us into this world, wiped our tears, taught us to cook, and along the way made sure we minded our manners, not to mention the ones who came into our lives midstream, and those with whom we don't share a last name or gene pool, but who have 'mothered' us through life's storms. Of all the gifts the mothers of our world can give, that of social graces should be counted among the most valuable. My own mother's life-lessons, 35 years' worth, like a strand of cultured pearls, remain with me today. 21 years ago I was doubly-blessed to inherit a mother-in-law who continues to be the very embodiment of the art of loveliness, with her thoughtful, handwritten thank-you notes, well-set tables and her linen handkerchiefs. So to all 'mothers', heartfelt appreciation for teaching us the importance of being polite and gracious, for molding us and shaping us, and and reminding us that those little words like 'thank-you' and 'please' do go a long way. Our world is all the richer for having had you in it. Happy Mother's Day!

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