Friday, December 17, 2010


There he was, between 'Silent Night', and 'Holy Night', conducting business on his cell phone behind us at our daughter's Christmas program. To his left sat a prominent businessman. Two rows in front of him, a Superior Court Judge, and all around, mild-mannered parents who were simply aghast at the gall. I'm pretty sure the angels on stage heard this boor and his plans for the next morning at work.
Of all the breaches of good behavior, conducting private phone conversations in public has to be the best of the worst! The device has changed the way we live our lives, but it has also changed the way we treat one another in public.
Disrupting events with loud babble, or worse, conducting business in a bathroom stall for everyone to hear, is rude. Anyone who thinks otherwise has had their brain fried by the cellular transmissions.
If the conversation with your mechanic is so important that it can't wait, take it outside and out of earshot. No one is interested in hearing how badly last night's blind date went, or what the guy in physics class said at the lockers.
So the next time Katie Perry chimes in to alert you of an incoming call. Don't answer. Turn it off. Get off the phone and get outside and out of earshot from others. Because it DOES 'Manner' a lot!

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